Microbiology lab overview

Our Microbiology Laboratory is fast developing laboratory equipped with latest technology in providing our clients with accurate, fast, and reliable analytical data, and serve solutions to ensure the quality and safety of your products. Our laboratory is focusing on microbial detection, identification and enumeration for animal feed, livestock and environment by using validated commercial kits and reagent to assure our customers of high-quality microbiological testing services. Our Microbiology Laboratory also serve for in-house Research and Development purpose. The laboratory’s objective is giving better solution for our fermentation products which include in the fermentation process, bacteria strains, formula design and etc to enhance company instinct value.

Laboratory Testing

Microbiological examination and isolation

Serological testing

Antimicrobial susceptibility test


Laboratory Equipment

ESCO Airstream® Gen 3 Laminar Flow Clean Benches

Hirayama HVE-50

Olympus CX33 HD Digital Microscope

Microplate Reader

Memmert Incubator

Shaker Incubator